Ei EBIHARA - 海老原暎

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Ei Ebihara paintings are perfectly ordinary on the surface,
but that is deceptive.

Whether it is a tap (faucet), a pot, a bench, a bucket (pail), a hose reel, an umbrella, a door knob - items of everyday life are a frequent theme in her work. For the artist that is not a matter of conscious choice, however: "When my heart is very still, suddenly something drops into it. And I start painting trying to figure out what it is that wants to be expressed", she explains.

What you see in Ebihara's paintings never forces itself on you. What you see is a tranquility that leads your eyes through the surface to a far-away space, and you are able to touch the artist's heart. Some people have hung pictures of hers at home. "Every morning, when i look at it, i feel inspired - it's hard to explain", is the kind of comment she would hear. In fact, when hung on a wall these paintings feel very modern; they have a strong presence and call for a wide space around them.

Ebihara had her first public exhibition in 1969. But for 20 years, from 1977 to 1996, she and her husband managed a small factory, and she says, "I had to put my nose to the grindstone and completely gave up painting during that time."

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